Welcome to the website for the Anatomical Society Winter 2016 meeting

19th-21st December 2016 

King's College London, London


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Meeting has now finished 


Understanding Anatomy through Embryology

Key speakers are: 

Arkhat Abzhanov (Imperial College London) 

Alan Burns (University College London)

Megan Davey (University of Edinburgh)

Jamie Davies (University of Edinburgh)

Gareth Fraser (University of Sheffield)


Mohammad Hajihosseini (University of East Anglia)


Deborah Henderson (University of Newcastle)


Roger Keynes (University of Cambridge) 


Clemens Kiecker (King's College London)


Georgy Koentges (University of Warwick)      


Tim Mohun (The Francis Crick Institute)


Neil Vargesson (University of Aberdeen)


Richard Wingate (King's College London) 



Young Investigator Oral presentation prize

Journal of Anatomy and Aging Cell Best Paper Prize lectures

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